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Synonyms For Polish. We put on the second coating of. ['ˈpɑːlɪʃ, ˈpoʊlɪʃ'] make (a surface) shine.

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Accomplishment, civilization, couth, cultivation, culture, refinement, burnish, gloss; 3 ‘i'll polish off the last few pages’ synonyms complete , finish, deal with, wrap up, accomplish, execute, discharge, do, get done, fulfil, achieve, attain, end, conclude, close, bring to a close, bring to a conclusion, bring to a end, finalize, stop, cease, terminate, round off, wind up What are another words for polish up?

Dim, Dull, Flat, Lusterless, Matte, Barbaric, Barbarous, Philistine

Make (a surface) shine | synonyms: We put on the second coating of. Shine, buff, wax, ruin, clean, smooth, scour, furbish, finish, varnish, gloss and more.

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Rub, wipe, scrub, buff, rub out, finish, shine, dab, scour, dab off, rub down, scrub out, wipe down, wipe out More 500 polish up synonyms. Find another word for polish at yourdictionary.

Uglify, Bad, Badness, Minor, Disqualify, Walk, Up Is The Web's Best Resource For English Synonyms, Antonyms, And Definitions.

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3 ‘I'll Polish Off The Last Few Pages’ Synonyms Complete , Finish, Deal With, Wrap Up, Accomplish, Execute, Discharge, Do, Get Done, Fulfil, Achieve, Attain, End, Conclude, Close, Bring To A Close, Bring To A Conclusion, Bring To A End, Finalize, Stop, Cease, Terminate, Round Off, Wind Up

Fancify, smooth, simonize, rub, simonise| antonyms: These synonyms for the word polish are provided for your information only. Here you use the synonyms for polish.

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