Sig Rattler Problems

Sig Rattler Problems. It’s a firearm that wins huge on style points but is held back by one issue for me. Sig has since remedied that situation with their matchlite duo trigger.

SB Tactical FS1913 Brace For The SIG Rattler The Firearm Blog
SB Tactical FS1913 Brace For The SIG Rattler The Firearm Blog from

When the sig rattler was first released, it had a pretty horrendous trigger. The gun is an absolute blast to shoot and the recoil is extremely manageable. Buffer weight too heavy or light gas tube could be loose (look for carbon near tube termination)

The Sig Sauer Mcx Rattler, Chambered In 300 Blackout, Is A Fantastic Platform With A Price Tag That Made Me Cry On The Inside.

Sig sauer has done it once again. Don't own rattler and haven't experienced anything like your failure. Our cover gun this issue, the sig rattler, was born from a miscommunication.

Of 7.5) And Stabilizing Would Obviously Be An Issue Here If Things Went South.

I have tried different sub rounds and it will fire the first round, then eject the case, but will not cycle the next round. I have shot tried it with both gas settings (+ and. As with all sig sauer firearms, the mcx rattler is covered by a limited lifetime warranty.

Called Sig And Talked To A Csr About Suppressing The 5.5 Barrel Of The Rattler.

I’m averaging 1.5” groups at 100 yards. This is one of those issues that really bogs this rifle down. Another rattler thread mentioned feeding problems that may be similar.

The Rattler Trigger May Be Even Worse Than Its Big Brother’s.

The 1/5 twist should be stabilizing it much sooner (q does the same thing with the hb). The sig rattler canebrake air rifle is a close representation of the mcx rattler canebrake centerfire model in most respects. Sig mcx rattler canebrake issue.

When The Sig Rattler Was First Released, It Had A Pretty Horrendous Trigger.

It could be a number of issues. They found rattler was somewhat picky about which mags were used. So far i’ve put around 3,700 rounds through the mcx rattler, and it has been 100% reliable.

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