North Vietnamese Sniper Rifle

North Vietnamese Sniper Rifle. The rifle was already being used by marines snipers in vietnam. Forgotten rifle of the vietnam war:

11 of The Worlds Most Lethal Snipers Vietnam war
11 of The Worlds Most Lethal Snipers Vietnam war from

The rifle chosen was the winchester model 70. Carlos norman hathcock ii was a united states marine corps sniper with a service record of 93 confirmed kills. Marines like carlos hathcock proved the rifle was quite accurate and very effective.

This Enabled The Insurgents To Graduate From Propaganda Actions, Defensive Or Brief Harassment Engagements To Larger Coordinated Offensive Operations Against The Government Of The South And U.s.

Sniper rifles available to u.s. I was gonna get him some way or another. The sniper made a point to hathcock by killing a man right outside his living quarters.

A Variant Of The M21 Dubbed The Springfield Armory M25 White Feather, For The Nickname White.

This bolt action rifle was captured from a north vietnamese sniper in 1970. The sniper was known as “the cobra” and has killed many american soldiers on his mission to neutralize hathcock. Hathcock's record and the extraordinary details of the missions he undertook made him a legend in the u.s.

However, Decades Before, Carlos Hathcock Became A.

A single scout approached the river first, but mawhinney waited. The usmc initially armed their snipers with m1d rifles, but realized a better rifle system was needed. The thick and lush jungles of vietnam and the enemies it contained was the first time modern american forces engaged in asymmetric warfare.

What Rifle Did Snipers Use In Vietnam?

After the viet cong were all but destroyed during the disastrous tet offensive of 1968, the nva had to become the majority fighting force and they stepped up their game. By the popularity among users, i. Marines got all the press and the glory, but an army guy was the top sniper shot of the vietnam war.

A Few Hours Later, The Nva Appeared.

What was the best you ask? During the vietnam war, the marine corps decided they needed a standard sniper rifle. Some m1 garands saw action as sniper rifles in vietnam before 1965 and were very popular with the advisors who used them.

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