Max Effective Range Of A 308

Max Effective Range Of A 308. The 16 gun will give up, being liberal here, at least 200 fps so look at 2450 best scene scenario imho. Barrel length versus velocity (28″ to 16.5″) introduction.

Understanding the 308 win Page 3 Long Range Hunting Forum
Understanding the 308 win Page 3 Long Range Hunting Forum from

This is usually about 1,900fps with most bullet designs. It has a flat trajectory to 200 yards (180m), loses around 5 to 10 inches of bullet drop at 300 yards (275m). But if you are inexperienced or it’s a bit gusty on the range then the shot may be extremely inaccurate at that range, certainly for shot placement.

Loaded With 150 Grain Bullets, The.308 Is Immensely Effective Across A Wide Range Of Game Species.

So how do these cartridges compare the.308? However, at yardages 350 or so to your 500 yard max you'll want to make sure you're poi is right in the goodies. Our saigas are not intended as long range shooters its just gravy that it works out as well as it does.

Hunters Have A Choice Of Fast Expanding Through To Stout, Deep Penetrating Projectiles.

In general, a bullet’s maximum effective range is the distance at which it no longer travels fast enough to reliably expand when it hits a target. In terms of capabilities, the.308 is truly effective within its intended range and parameters. A 308 federal 168 grain sierra hpbtm out of our m/o rifles is around 2650 fps average based on my chronograph results on well over 200 rifles with barrels of 24.

This Is Usually About 1,900Fps With Most Bullet Designs.

The maximum effective range of a 12 twisted.308 winchester is the range where the bullet retains sufficient energy to kill, destroy or disable or mark the target as appropriate and where the weapon system and ammunition are capable of the required accuracy and precision to reliably engage said target. The.308 is so far the most famous sniping round and for a good cause. Maximum effective range is 1000 yards.

308 Has A Maximum Range That.

There will be variances due to things like bullet weight. The effective range doesn’t mean the bullet fire with max damage. I say that because i have shot out to 1 mile with accuracy when you overspin that class of bullet.

While We Have Made Hits At 1000+ Meters With The.308, We Tend To Agree With The Army And Indicate That 800 Meters Is About The Max Limit For Reliable Hits In All But Extreme Weather Conditions.

The us army defines the maximum effective range of a.308 as 800 meters. It has more to do with how far you can light a fire. Effective range is always a tricky question to answer as it’s dependent on so many factors.

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