30Supercarry. #30supercarry #ammo #tmgnwe spoke to chris from federal about 30 super carry, a new round that was designed with modern intentions. We see that the 30 super carry performed extremely close to the 9mm, but in the package of a.380 cartridge.

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I don’t know if it will take due to the combination of 9mm’s entrenched efficacy and the usual higher cost of new calibers, however being that you are getting both. The.30 super carry is a new handgun cartridge offering from federal premium ammunition. 30 super carry is a more compact cartridge advertised as having better muzzle energy than john m.

This Round Boasts Ballistics Equivalent To 9Mm While Offering Increased Capacity.

#30supercarry #ammo #tmgnwe spoke to chris from federal about 30 super carry, a new round that was designed with modern intentions. We fired 115 grain 9mm and 100 grain.30 […] My personal feeling is that in this day and age of stagger stack mags in micro compacts, that additional +2 rounds is a lot less critical than it is in single stacks.

It Brings The Power Of The 9Mm With The Concealability Of 380 Auto.

Promotional material shows 30 super carry providing an additional two rounds over 9×19 for an equally sized magazine. Visually this new cartridge is highly reminiscent of the less powerful 7.65x20mm longue. They all held like +2 rounds when using 30 super carry as advertised.

The Cartridge Was Introduced In 2022.

Calling it, the most revolutionary advancement in self. A carry cartridge for the 21st century. The 30 super carry round was designed by federal ammunition specifically for concealed carry.

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.30 super carry is a rimless pistol cartridge introduced by federal premium in early 2022. A new caliber means new guns to support it. S&w ® shield ™ ez.

We See That The 30 Super Carry Performed Extremely Close To The 9Mm, But In The Package Of A.380 Cartridge.

Paul tests out the new 30 super carry caliber for personal protection and concealed carry.shirts and patches: Bullet diameter is basically the same,.313 for super carry vs.312 for the hornady xtp bullets people seem to like in 32acp. &#9664previous post next post at shot show’s range day, federal ammunition had one s&w shield plus chambered in 9mm and one chambered in their new.30 super carry round.

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